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Improved EQ is good for business, not just people.
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Resilience & Productivity

79% of employees experiencing work-related unmanaged stress 
(APAleading to burnout and poorer productivity

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Retaining Talent

81% of workers report that they will be looking for workplaces that support mental health (APA).

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Return Of Investment

4x return according to the World Economic Forum

Mindletic Events

Every month we host external expert speakers, exclusively for Mindletic users.

How does our EQ gym work?

organizational wellbeing partner providing support and guidance on employee wellbeing matters

Data-driven organisational guidance

Work with our experts to measure status, get GDPR compliant, reliable, objective data-driven guidance based on thousands of users, and tailored programs on emotional competencies training.

Mindletic App & Slack Integration

Provide science-backed digital tools that measure status, support your team’s EQ training ir boosts resilience.

Key features include rising awareness through self analysis ir reflection, gamified science-backed educational 
programs, facilitated group activities and access to online 1on1 counseling with certified mental health professionals.

From our anonymous data, we see that after 6 weeks of EQ training – constructive behavior responses to triggers increase by 10%.

Real time data & insights

Log into our client dashboard to check the anonymized and aggregated EQwell-being & skill training data of your people.

Propose and tailor further organizational initiatives based on real-time objective & aggregated data rather than on subjective opinions about your workplace.

Balance team įrankis

A fun and interactive way to bond with your colleagues and increase accountability, boost teamwork, productivity & psychological safety leading to better results

This digital tool offers a selection of carefully curated reflective games on anonymously evaluated maturity of the group, meant to prompt meaningful discussions.

Internetinė terapija jūsų darbuotojams

Give access to certified and experienced mental health professionals, psychologists and EQ training experts.

Our psychologists are highly trained and certified with years of experience.

Emotional Impact Measurement Tool

Measure the experience of your events you create using psychological data.

Capture the emotions of your audience in real-time, analyze patterns and re-engage your audience in a more powerful way.

Our mission is to promote strong, resilient and modern workplaces where individuals train their EQ, can be their best selves and produce results.

Strong EQ and mental health is more than a just a perk, benefit or a nice-to-have. It’s an investment with clear returns to individual and organisation.


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