Mental gym at your workplace
Our wellbeing programme designed to improve the emotional health of your employees. 

Proven Clients

Our holistic approach

Mindletic App guides your employees through different techniques designed to cope with burnout, anxiety or stress.


Personalized daily assessments of emotional wellbeing and tracked changes over time.


Self-help guides and breathing exercises to train individually.

Community Rooms

Space to share experiences with peers, confidentially & anonymously.

1-on-1 Sessions

Individual 50 min video sessions with certified professionals.

Our services at a glance

Certified professionals

Professional support only by certified experts.

Educational program

Internal communication program to foster mental health awareness among your employees.

Employer branding

"Mindful employer” status in our communication campaigns

Custom plan

Simple, custom made and affordable plan based on your needs.


Community rooms, sessions, and reports available in multiple languages.

Employee training

Ongoing mental health training sessions for groups by our certified professionals.

Knowledge base

Customisable knowledge base with mental health related scientific content.

community rooms

Anonymous community rooms, personalized for your company, supervised by professionals.

Monthly reports

Objective monthly reports on the emotional wellbeing at your workplace from aggregated and anonymous data.

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