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You have already taken a very important first step - you want to be aware of emotions and their impact.

Training mental health is a way to increase performance both as individuals and as a team.

"Our aim is to create and continuously improve a healthy and inclusive workplace where employees can be their whole self; where we all work together to protect and promote health, safety, well-being, and sustainability. We take it as our responsibility to create possibilities for our employees to take care of themselves.

Mindletic is a great tool here: emotion journaling encourages people to stay conscious about their emotional health daily; it gives the possibility to connect with each other in community rooms and we, as a company, can be ensured that once anyone finds themselves in a hard situation (and who doesn't once in a while!?) - they have reachable access to professional help."


People Experience Specialist @ Vinted

"Mental health isn’t taboo and shouldn’t be. Just as we talk about our physical health, we should be open to discussing our struggles, and emotions we’re dealing with. Especially in a workplace, where we spend so much time, whether that’s online or offline.

That’s why our collaboration with Mindletic is so important for us, here at Tesonet. Not only it’s a step forward to ensuring emotional health support and improving well-being, but it’s also a chance for our community to grow closer together, empower and help each other in a time of need."


Head of HR @ NordVPN

"Supporting our team so they could thrive professionally and helping the communities around us - always has been a value of our organization. And the drive for sustainable change also reflects our seeking for productivity.

While juggling all this, Mindletic comes as substantial assistance in providing professional support from their specialists and data-based guidance, which leads to enhanced productivity of our employees. As a user of Minletic myself, I do see great value in their work: from saving me time as a person of HR to boosting our employees' resilience to everyday struggles and, in this way, increasing their engagement."


Co-founder, Head of People @ Trafi

"Good mental health enables us to thrive. When it is stable, we have a sense of purpose and direction and feel that we can cope with whatever life (and work) throws at us. Here at 1stDibs, we genuinely care about our employees’ wellbeing and overall happiness. We believe that organizations need to be more aware of their people’s feelings than ever before.

With Mindletic support and guidance, we want to train our mind the same way we train our physical body and ensure that our employees have calmer minds, awareness of stress, and an effortless work-life balance."


People Operations Manager @ 1stDibs