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We are genuinely passionate about our work of supporting people on their EQ training journey to achieve significant results in their personal and professional lives. How often do we hear about burnout of employees, turning into constant conflicts or destructive behaviors? Can we help our clients with this? We believe we can.

From our anonymous data, we see that after six weeks of EQ training – constructive behavior responses to emotions increased by 10%.

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We are a team of professionals who treat each other with respect. And we are not afraid of challenges because we not only train others to create a mentally safe workplace, but we do it ourselves to improve the well-being of our team and foster work-life balance. Thanks to that, we successfully grow Mindletic, continuously growing ourselves.

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Various topics, different perspectives, how can we shape our knowledge to improve our mental well-being and be successful and self-actualized in our personal and professional lives. Based on science-backed research, we share the information that we find relevant and valuable for mental and emotional growth.

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