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Emotional Impact Measurement

Capture the emotional impact of your created experience using real-time psychological data.

Emotional Impact Measurement by Mindletic

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Organizers lack evidence showcasing their experience’s value

Post-event upsells and communications remain ineffective

Real-time client feedback is often lacking

Upsells rarely cater to individual client preferences

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Analyze your audience’s emotions in depth

Gain insights into participant energy levels, the balance between pleasant and unpleasant feelings, and the spectrum of emotions experienced.

Collect real-time emotional impact data

Have you ever wondered how people feel during created experiences? With our easy-to use measurement tool, you can finally get this tangible data. 

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Tailor your events using data-driven insights

With our detailed, real-time emotional data, you have the ability to refine and customize your events based on the emotional impact they have on your audience.

Optimize your public relations strategy

Stand out from the crowd. Spark interest by showcasing the emotional impact of your events. Don’t just host events; craft impactful experiences that attract and engage.
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How does it work?

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We generate a unique QR code or URL link for any part of your event or multiple measurement, allowing your audience to provide your valuable data

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We provide a clear visual representation of emotional impact throughout the experience, and insights based on it.

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By analyzing the data, you can adjust the created experience and re-engage your audience, by collecting personal data and boost audience engagement.

The science behind impactful events

Enhances participant memory

Emotional events are remembered better than non-emotional events. This is because our brain’s ability to remember is linked to emotional processing, particularly through the involvement of the amygdala.

Enhances participant engagement

Emotional experiences enhance focus and attention. When we’re emotionally invested, our drive to learn and participate intensifies, enabling us to deeply engage with the materials presented. 

Fosters a sense of community

Emotional experiences stimulate a sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and promote networking. Such atmosphere increases the likelihood of attendees returning for future events.

How to use emotions as data

By evaluating emotions before a meeting, we can gain insight into people’s emotional states and enhance employee productivity during the meeting.

For instance, if individuals are experiencing high energy, accompanied by pleasant emotions, it may be more beneficial to conduct a brainstorming session, rather than giving meticulous or systematic tasks. 

According to business psychologist Travis Bradberry, each emotion has its distinct role, and leveraging emotional data can guide us in creating optimal conditions for employee motivation and engagement.

Key capabilities

Only takes a few minutes

Answer three questions on emotions expressed, emotional balance, and emotional distribution.

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Secure by design

No logins, fully end-to-end encrypted, and GDPR compliant content.

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User-friendly interface

Navigate our intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes data analysis a breeze.

No more guesswork

Organize events that boost culture, based on objective data, rather than relying on trial and error.

Client feedback

At A|CH, we believe the primary purpose of art is to spark emotions. This is why we were eager to measure emotional impact with pure numbers, not just intuition. The tool is simple yet powerful, and the results we obtained, along with interpretations from Mindletic staff, made our current premiere, “The Youth,” even more meaningful and satisfying.

Arnoldas Remeika

Head of PR at Anzelika Cholina Dance Theatre

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Mindletic has been a huge asset to my small business. Being in beauty for over 40 years, this is an amazing tool to utilize when understanding how your clients are feeling during your services without invading personal space and to organize events that boost culture based on objective data rather than relying on trial and error. Great form of online digital marketing as well. Looking forward to seeing further results, and seeing different ways of connection.

Melinda Fox 

Owner at Merle Norman Cosmetics Tustin, CA

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It’s an innovative, understandable, and simple-to-use product. Thanks to Mindletic, we finally have scientifically validated evidence of the impact of art. These insights will be invaluable in developing future activities, enhancing hospitality, and refining museum marketing tactics. If you want to get to know your audiences more deeply, Mindletic is the right partner.

Dr. Rūta Statulevičiūtė-Kaučikienė

Marketing Department Manager at Lithuanian National Museum of Art


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