Balance Teams by Mindletic

A science-backed way to boost psychological safety and effectiveness of your teams

Innovative solution designed for teams

Team activities built to develop and sustain team's psychological safety, so that everyone can work better together.

Fully streamlined regular team activities

Team leaders can feel at ease - we'll take care of planning, pulse check-ups, and execution. Balance Teams can be integrated into usual team meetings, retrospectives, or team-building sessions to foster interpersonal psychological safety, also improving employee well-being.

Continuous measurement of psychological safety

Measure psychological safety levels after each activity. Our smart algorithm suggests the next task, ensuring current comfort levels and depth are appropriate for each team.

Behavioural nudges fostering specific interpersonal habits between activities

Team activities are supported with individual nudges that encourage positive everyday behaviours to sustain psychological safety. We also focus on improving mental health at work.

Psychological safety in teams

Every group of individuals goes through inevitable stages of development when trying to form a coherent team, working together towards a shared goal while delivering results.

What distinguishes high-performing teams?

These teams have usually gone through these development stages and in turn developed high levels of psychological safety - the belief that one will not get punished when they make a mistake.

But why is psychological safety so important?

Improves business metrics

1. Employees are more likely to harness the power of diverse ideas from their teammates
2. Individuals on teams with higher psychological safety bring in more revenue
3. Regarding results, teams are rated as effective twice as often by executives.

Source: Google's re:Work Tool: Foster psychological safety

Reduces turnover intentions

Especially in current turbulent times, higher psychological safety in teams helps alleviate turnover intentions.

Source: Google's re:Work Tool: Foster psychological safety, Frontiers in Psychology

Crucial for team cohesion & development

Team development is not always a simple linear process. Identifying and understanding causes for changes in the team behaviors can help maximize its process and productivity.

Source: Tuckman's model (Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing - Adjourning) Wikipedia

Psychological safety is not relaxing your standards, feeling comfortable, being nice and agreeable, or giving unconditional praise.

Psychological safety is a culture of respect, trust, and openness where it's not risky to raise ideas and concerns."

- Adam Grant


What sets our solution apart

Key capabilities:
  • Continuous integrated solution - not a one-off event or a lecture that is likely to be forgotten.
  • Takes off pressure and time constraints from managers and leaders to plan team activities.
  • Secure by design - no logins and fully end-to-end encrypted content.
  • Move at your own pace - it's tailored to the specific needs of your team.
  • Science-backed and evidence-based improvement of psychological safety and team outcomes, such as better team communication, performance, and reduced turnover.

Fostering team's psychological safety with Balance Teams

How does it work?

Make Balance Teams a part of your team routine
Integrate the exercises into your meeting flow
The whole experience is tailored to you and ready to use out the box
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