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Predicting & preventing costly destructive behaviors such as bullying and burnout, saving your company resources


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Why is it important to talk about EQ & mental health in today's workplace?

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79 %

of employees had experienced work-related stress.

81 %

of workers report that they will be looking for workplaces that support mental health in the future.

50 %

of USA employees are ‘quiet quitting’ their positions.

Why Mindletic?

Certified professionals

Co-created with certified psychologists and mental health organizations.
Meet our Team.

Mental health tools

Science-backed corporate wellness program & content on the individual, team and organizational levels.

Multidimensional content

Exploration of various topics: stress management, burnout, psychological safety, productivity, corporate wellness, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, etc.
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Mindletic saves at least 58h/month of your company resources and time per every 100 employees.
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How does our EQ gym work?

Based on your specific needs, we work with you to develop a science-backed mental training program for your employees’ wellbeing in the workplace.



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Your employees get premium access to the Mindletic App that provides science-backed mental health tools on the individual, team and organizational levels.

Employees can train their minds individually, with a community of certified professionals, or gather in self-sustaining Balance teams.



Mindletic provides monthly data-driven objective corporate wellness insights and consultations.

Over time, by sharing the responsibility of prevention of destructive behaviors with employees, we help them boost their emotional resilience and connect within the team, increase employee accountability and performance, and save managers time by managing emotional disbalance within their teams.

Employees develop emotional resilience and respond more constructively to challenging circumstances.

Employers cultivate mindful leadership and boost their team’s performance by fostering psychological safety while remaining emotionally balanced.

Your organization will save ~58 hours/month of manager’s time per 100 employees by directing employees to train at our digital mental health gym instead of internally managing the team’s emotional disbalance.


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Prevent costly behaviors - boost your employees' resilience and emotional intelligence in the workplace
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