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How to optimize team performance & growth

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A team is fundamentally a system. It has recurring activities, a common purpose (mission) and objectives. As a result, most organizational performance practices also apply to team performance. High-performance teams prioritize clear communication, alignment and accountability. But productivity is more than just focusing on exceptional skills or proficiency. It’s also not about flawlessly managing every minute of the day. Productivity is a complex process that involves numerous corporate aspects.

What must organizations do well to thrive?

Knowing principles that convey what organizations must do well to thrive – is essential to its growth process. Organizations are skilled at detecting specific problems and having a plan of action at their disposal to address them. However, they might operate without broader developmental criteria or goals that are essential for the organization to compete and grow.

For that, Milda Mitkutė, co-founder of the first Lithuanian unicorn Vinted and our partner at Mindletic, shared valuable practices on how to optimize team performance and growth from her experience at Vinted.

Here are Milda's best practices and tips on how to build a goal-driven organization:

  • Focus on one thing & agree on priorities – short planning and constant iteration works best!

  • Keep the size of the meeting group optimal. The bigger it is – the lower expectation of making a decision.

  • Appoint the stakeholder – decision-making in the meeting by one person boosts efficiency and keeps the strategy organized.

  • Constantly align various things you and your team members value at the workplace. An interpersonal climate of safety, paired with other critical factors, like shared vision, goals and values, facilitates learning and performance.

  • Reflect on your emotions and how they might impact your decisions. It is critical to train your emotional muscles and not get overwhelmed by emotions, instead making decisions calmly. Pausing before reacting and focusing on positive critical thinking and data-driven solutions serves best when we aim to respond constructively.

  • Be humble. It is not about our ego. Putting the company first is about a shared goal and vision for the company to succeed.

Worth remembering:

  • Team priorities are winning over individual work in the long run.

  • No one method works magic. People have different working styles and hence need various techniques to be productive and succeed.

Why is it worth investing in mental health?

It is vital to our success. In a modern society where we often measure our success based on others or have such big expectations of ourselves (sometimes above our capabilities) – pressure and a constant feeling of not enough are also often here. Learning how to be in contact with ourselves: understanding what you want, what you can do, and how you can do it leads to authentic success.

Our psychologist also shares what changes clients notice in their productivity after starting work on their emotional awareness and cultivating the ability to respond constructively to various situations.

“Clients often notice the paradox: when they start working with emotion recognition, they begin to put less pressure on themselves, demand less of themselves, and their productivity does not decrease – the opposite. A significant number of customers believe that they must be as productive as possible. Therefore, they put enormous pressure on themselves, feeling bad for every unproductive moment, and the more they push themselves, the more they demand – the less they do. But when we start to talk about the importance of breaks, discussing the reality of set expectations, what they really “must” and what they “choose” to do, and clients start to learn to recognize their emotions – we can see change. Clients notice that they do the same tasks faster, with significantly less stress. – Irma.

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