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Well-Being & Engagement case study

ConnectPay partnered with Mindletic to assess and enhance their employees’ well-being. Using two specialized questionnaires, Mindletic evaluated both the engagement and overall well-being of ConnectPay’s staff.
well-being and engagement

About ConnectPay

ConnectPay is a comprehensive financial platform tailored for online businesses. Designed to streamline financial operations, ConnectPay offers a suite of services that encompasses everything from handling payments to daily banking needs, freeing businesses to focus on their core activities. The ethos of ConnectPay centers on creating an environment where employees not only thrive professionally but also maintain good physical and mental health.

Our findings

Our findings reaffirmed the strong connection between engagement and well-being: employees with poor well-being are also more likely to be disengaged, which in turn affects business metrics like turnover and productivity. Based on our analysis, we have pinpointed key engagement factors to target in order to improve well-being and have offered specific recommendations to empower employees.

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