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Mindletic Journal Interpretation - High-energy pleasant quadrant

How to interpret emotions in the Mindletic journal?

A study by Barrett (1998) shows that emotions are based on a dimensional model, which emphasized two qualities: valence (level of pleasantness) and arousal (bodily activation).

Based on this emotion dimensional model, the Mindletic journal defines emotions as having two dimensions, pleasantness and energy. The horizontal axis is meant to track pleasantness – it represents how pleasant or unpleasant we feel. The vertical axis represents energy: how much physical energy is running through our bodies. The two axes cross to form four quadrants, and each has a color that you can interpret using this guide:

The high-energy, pleasant quadrant (peach) involves such emotions as happy, excited, cheerful, energized, or motivated. Being in this quadrant means that now is a good time to start a new project, have a brainstorm or a problem-solving session with your team, or work on a creative project. It is an excellent place to check things off your to-do list! You may even have a positive infectious effect on your social circle – try to share the pleasant emotions you are feeling to help others.

How to move away from this quadrant when needed?

We definitely do not want to lose the pleasantness in your emotional state. So if feeling high-energy pleasant emotions is too taxing or unproductive, try e.g. turning one of your meetings into a walking meeting or go for a run to use some energy. Use meditations or listen to calm music to bring yourself to a more balanced mood whilst keeping the pleasantness with you