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New! Tool to boost the psychological safety and effectiveness of your team

We would like to introduce you to Balance teams, a tool to boost the psychological safety and effectiveness of your team.


  • To foster a culture of respect, trust, and openness: you and your colleagues will come up with more valuable ideas

  • To work better together: share the ideas more proactively inside your team without the fear of being put down, or criticised unfairly

  • To improve team communication and productivity: less friction in the team, more successful projects and met targets

  • To foster psychological safety – the most important factor for effective teams



  • Free of charge to try with your team (first 5 exercises for free) – you don’t have to be a team leader to start using the tool

  • If you would like to start using this tool with your team, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Ha9DtSdQKcuM84Vg6

  • After filling out the form you’ll be granted access to the Balance Teams tool

  • In the next team meeting > open the Balanced Teams link > share your screen > press Start training

How long will it take?
  • That depends on the size of your team and their interest in discussions. In our experience, an 8 persons team takes around 20-30 minutes, but it can last longer than that if an interesting topic sparks a discussion.

All team members can actively shape team’s social norms