What do practising psychologists do?

Who is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a specialist who has completed at least a master's degree. During the studies, the knowledge related to human development, thinking, emotions, relationships, communication is accumulated, which helps to understand human nature better. She/he also continuously deepens the knowledge by participating in various training, conferences, congresses, or continuing with doctoral or postgraduate studies to become a psychologist - psychotherapist.The psychologist also follows the principle of confidentiality. During the consultation, she/he seeks to create a supportive, open and accepting relationship that would allow you to feel safe and as a result - open up to discover ways to deal with difficulties.

Balance groups explained

What to expect during meetings with a group led by a psychologist

Sharing in a group inevitably triggers reactions from other group members to the thoughts, feelings and actions expressed. The reactions of others can help you to understand yourself and your relationships with other people better, to see situations and your role in them more realistically. The group can be a mirror in which to see one's own relationships with people. It is also a group of people who share similar experiences or current life situations, goals... Here you can feel you are not alone, you can get support, encouragement or at least be listened to.

Of course, the whole group experience is surrounded by confidentiality and respect for each other's unique presence in the group.

How to prepare for the first consultation

It is normal to be worried before the consultation, especially if it's your first meeting. Praise yourself for your determination to talk - sharing your inner world with a stranger requires courage. Let's try to prepare for the conversation together, both emotionally and practically.


.Choose a private space where you can feel cosy, safe and comfortable throughout the conversation.

.Take a few minutes before and after the conversation - this will allow you to concentrate and calmly reflect on your experience.


.Check if you have a stable internet connection. In case your WiFi drops and you loose internet connection, be prepared for a backup option, e.g. connect to the internet using a mobile phone.

.Make sure your camera, microphone, and headphones are working.

Balance groups using Mindletic

Free introduction meeting

Group gets to know each other, the topic of the group and the plan of next meetings. Afterward, you will receive an invitation to take part in the 4-session group and will need to decide if you want to join.

Next 4 group meetings

You will join the group for 4 more meetings only if you and at least 5 other people accept the invitation after the introduction meeting. The price of all 4 meetings is equal to 1 individual consultation.

Date and time

Meetings of a group will happen every week the same time as the introduction meeting. Each will last approximately 90 min.

Joining the meeting

30 min before the confirmed video meeting, you will get a notification on your phone App. Or simply open the Mindletic App at the planned time. Additionally you will receive an email with instructions on how to join using the app or a link to via your web browser.

The virtual room for your conversation is private and created just for your group meeting. The professional and other people you will be talking to will be alone during the session.

Keep in mind

Please note that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions before booking the consultation. You confirm that:

.You are over 18 years old.

.You will not record your meeting or distribute it in any way, such as screenshots, videos or audio recordings.