What is Mindletic?

Mindletic is a mental gym where people can boost their emotional resilience and prevent costly behaviors no matter how mentally fit they currently are. They can do so by training individually, in a community with others, or with certified psychologists, and based on anonymous data, get a personalized experience.

Mindletic was born during the global pandemic where more than 3B people were under lockdown with rising numbers of anxiety and suicides. According to Harvard Medical School and Deloitte, even before the pandemic, mental health issues caused 36% lower productivity in modern workplaces and led 50% of millennials to leave their jobs. In the post-pandemic world, the stress levels of employees are not only not going back to pre-COVID levels but have reached an all-time high, according to The State of Global Workplace 2022 Report.

Why Mindletic?

Mindletic aims to predict & prevent a costly emotional imbalance that, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), costs €865M to the global economy and, according to Harvard, causes 75% of Gen Z and 50% of Gen Y workers jobs leaving. Investing in mental health pays off 4 x times, as stated by WHO.

At Mindletic, we aim to help people:

-Boost their psychological resilience by increasing emotion regulation
-Manage their reactions more constructively
-Prevent costly behaviors for both individuals and organizations