Hello beautiful people,

We invite you to join December Mindletic community streak challenge 📢 

Decembers are always special 🎄🎅🎉 It’s the end of the year and even though we are busy catching up with all these tasks and projects, we still find time to reflect on the year we had.

So this month we would like to help you with that, concentrating on the attitudes we have towards our emotions.

Marc Brackett in his book Permission to feel wrote: “we all believe that our feelings are important and deserve to be addressed respectfully and fully. But we also think of emotions as being disruptive and unproductive - at work, at home, and everywhere else. That our feelings slow us down and get in the way of achieving our goals”.

Do you also have the same thoughts? How many times this year have you disregarded your emotions as unproductive, disruptive, getting in your way?

This month we invite you to let yourself experience all of the emotions that arise and challenge yourself and your colleagues to do that by using the Mindletic app daily.

Some say you need only 21 days to form a new habit. Therefore, we invite you to form a self-care habit at Mindletic, growing a streak of emotional exercise for 21 days. By checking on your own emotions, reflecting them, training your mind in community rooms and reflective groups, practicing breathing and relaxation exercises you will have a chance to win The School of Life voucher for €50 🎁

What are the rules?

- Challenge takes place from the 1st to the 21st of December.
- 3 users who will have the highest streak numbers on their Mindletic account on the 21st of December will be announced as winners. 
- The streak numbers will be counted from scratch starting from the 1st of December. Note that your account might already show a higher streak number, although in the competition table everyone will start from 0.
- It means you will need to train your mind on the Mindletic app every day in a row.
- Please keep in mind, if you miss at least one day, your streak number will start from 0 again!
- If there will be multiple users with the same scores, we will use a random winner generator.
- We will contact winners on the 22nd of December.
- The winners will win The School of Life voucher for €50.
- Every week we will announce the top numbers of the challenge to keep you updated. 

Who’s in? 💪