Start your morning on a Yoga mat!


One of the aspects of a balanced life is movement. We need to move in order to feel strong and resilient both physically and emotionally. Therefore, this time we invite you to train both your mind and body and join our morning yoga class together with yoga teacher Lina.


This is how Lina introduces herself:

"I'm Lina, born in Lithuania, living in Barcelona, passionate about life, wellness, and living with an open heart. I strongly believe that through the power of our breath and movement we can transform not just our body but our mind too.

It’s kind of difficult to put what yoga means to me into words because it’s more of a feeling - I feel a sense of purpose when I teach, it brings me serenity and peace into my everyday life and I'm beyond grateful that I can share that joy with my community. 

Give your team a mental break, allow them to unplug through a fun, dynamic Vinyasa yoga class. In our 30min class, we will move through a vibrant, energizing, and, in some parts, challenging class that will leave you feeling rinsed and revitalized. We’ll flow from pose to pose, utilizing the principles of body alignment, personal awareness, and conscious breathing techniques. The class suits all levels, shapes, and sizes so everybody will feel welcomed and looked after, even though the screen. Expect to move, sweat, have fun, and leave transformed! We'll end our practice with a relaxing meditation so make sure you have a blanket to get warm and cozy."

Date & time: 15th of December, 8:00 AM EET📆 

Duration: 30 min ✨

Language: ENG 

Location: Youtube Live

Live event link: