Drawing clear boundaries between work and your personal life might be tough. Although, not having them might be even tougher. Unpleasant feelings and emotions such as feeling anxious, stressed or even anger can come from ignorance of your own needs and space. Could rethinking boundaries improve your well-being? Could having clear boundaries improve the quality and efficiency of your work? Could having a balance between work and life prevent burnout? How to stick to your boundaries without hurting others? How to communicate your boundaries politely? All of those questions will be discussed in December's Mindletic live event about work and life balance. 

We invited holistic life coach, content creator, and activist Vita Janas to share her experience from working with 1:1 clients and talk specifically about boundaries. The discussion will be hosted by Mindletic founder Ieva Vaitkeviciute! Join and train your mind with Mindletic πŸ’ͺ

Make yourself a cup of β˜•οΈ or grab a πŸŽ‚and join in!

Date & time: 8th of December, 11:30 AM EET πŸ“† 

Duration: 45 min ✨

Language: ENG 

Location: YouTube Live πŸ”΄

About Vita Janas πŸ”‰: 

I am a Life Coach and over the last three years, I had the privilege of working 1:1 with diverse individuals across the globe. Starting my career with BA in jazz singing and music education my interest expanded to authentic self-expression. The quest to reconnect to our essence led me to Life coaching and counseling training and a career change. Currently, I am studying Compassionate Inquiry and work holistically, combining coaching, counseling, and positive psychology. My intention is to create a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental presence for clients to restore connection through consciousness, self-inquiry, and self-compassion. 

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