We all know that eating five veggies a day is good for our physical health, we also know that taking 10 000 steps a day is good for our bodies, we also might know that a good night's sleep and daily meditation will set our moods and preparation for the day better. The tricky thing about physical and mental health self-care is forming a habit. There is that extra step we need to take between knowledge and actual doing. 🌿

Founder of Mindletic Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė invited a psychotherapist Dainius Jakučionis for a chat about self-care habits. What does it take to actually start doing things that are good for your mental and emotional health? How to keep self-help consistent? How does the consistency of self-care change its impact? These and many more questions will be discussed by two mental health specialists.

Join the conversation between Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė and Dainius Jakučionis on the 18th of October at 11:30 AM EEST and learn more about the value of constant self-care!

Make yourself a cup of ☕️ or grab a 🎂and join in!

Date & time: 18th of October, 11:30 AM EEST 📆

Duration: 45 min ✨

Location: YouTube Live 🔴

About Dainius 🔉:

Dainius is a practicing psychotherapist with a background in family medicine. He is also a lecturer, speaker, and team facilitator for organizations. Dainius gained his experience and knowledge about mental health through 15 years of studies, work with more than 2000 high school students from across the country, his 8-year long individual psychotherapy practice, as well as through his practice with organizations and gamification techniques. Dainius says that his mission is to help people.