We all have a tendency to judge our emotions. We seek to experience more “good” ones and less “bad” ones. However, in order to live a full and balanced emotional life, it is necessary to let ourselves feel the whole range of emotions. How can we help ourselves to do that? How can we lean into both comfortable and uncomfortable emotions with our friends, family or at work? How understanding the full emotional experience can help our mental health? 

Join Mindletic Live event with Gestalt psychotherapist Brigita Kaleckaitė and Mindletic COO Ieva Šapalaitė and learn more about how leaning into discomfort might be beneficial when we talk about emotional well being 💪

Make yourself a cup of ☕️ or grab a 🎂 and join in!

Date & time: 19th of January, 11:30 AM EET📆 

Duration: 45 min ✨

Language: ENG 

Location: Youtube Live (link will be sent to those registered)

About Brigita🔉: 

Brigita is an experienced HR professional and Gestalt psychotherapist with a solid history of working in professional training, coaching and consulting. She is skilled in management, leadership, organizational development, international working relationships, recruiting, wellbeing, training and human resources. Brigita has a broad international experience - studied in Latvia, Germany, Russia, Italy, USA, UK and Spain; teaching in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Sweden, Estonia and Portugal, fluent in 5 languages.

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