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The biggest strength a human can possess is to admit his weaknesses and face them.

After graduating from Vilnius University in Psychology I have been volunteering in emotional support call line for 2 years and in Mental Hospital for around 1 year. For the last three years, I have been working in the Republican Center for Addictive Disorders where I mostly counsel groups. Simultaneously, I am in private practice. I, too, go to personal therapy, attend supervisions and study analytical psychotherapy.

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In a relationship I value respect and open dialogue which lets me be real without hiding behind formal masks.

I graduated in Psychology from Vilnius University and I have followed HEPI basic existential therapy as well as Mindfulness-based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (organised by Lithuanian University of Health Sciences). I have volunteered for 10 years in emotional support call line (Jaunimo linija). I work in Vilnius Center for addictive disorders as well as in other mental healthcare settings.

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It’s easier to face stuff when You feel “Together” with someone. Let’s try it! My aim is to be as non-judgemental, transparent and equal to You as possible. I’m still not perfect, but I love my work.

I am a co-founder of experiential seminars for men “TIKRAS”. I have been a volunteer in emotional support call line since 2009 and I am a psychologist since 2014. I have worked in Crisis Intervention Centre ( “Krizių įveikimo centras”) and I am actively involved in fighting the most painful troubles of Lithuanian mental health. My fields of interest are compassion, awareness, shame, masculinity and sexuality.

Ready to talk in Lithuanian and English.


My moto: This too shall pass.

I gained my experience in counselling by working in the Center of Eating Disorders and in other mental healthcare settings and by training volunteers in emotional support call line. I am also a certified lecturer in crisis prevention training. My counselling deals with interpersonal relationship problems, critical moments, loss, divorce, search for meaning and wish to know oneself, the experience of anxiety, sadness, tension and stress.

Ready to talk in Lithuanian and English.


"Take care of others through taking care of yourself". By facing and accepting our own hardships and working through personal challenges we become stronger, more resilient people capable of supporting others while also maintaining healthy boundaries.

I graduated in Psychology (Master's degree) from Vilnius University in 2015 and since then I have been working in public mental healthcare settings. During the years of my studies, I have volunteered in emotional support hotline (Jaunimo linija) and crisis centre (Krizių įveikimo centras). 2 years ago, I started studying Individual Psychodynamic psychotherapy that brought a new rich perspective into my practice.

Ready to talk in Lithuanian and English.


"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves" - Viktor E. Frank.

I have graduated in Psychology from Vilnius University in 2017. I have worked as a Psychologist in the Republican Center for Addictive Disorders, providing psychological consultations for groups of young people affected by alcohol and drug addiction issues. Since 2018 I have a private practice for adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties and I also work as a Psychologist at Vilnius university.

Ready to talk in Lithuanian and English.