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Improved well-being is good for business, not just people.
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Better employee retention

Unhealthy, unsupportive and stressful work environments are among the top reasons for ‘quiet quitting’ and changing jobs.

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Increased customer satisfaction

Glassdoor reports that companies with happy employees receive higher customer satisfaction scores.

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Higher profits

According to the World Economic Forum, employers could see a $4 ROI for every dollar spent on mental health care in the workplace.

March event

How to harness self-kindness for improved productivity

All Mindletic app users are invited to join our monthly seminar on productivity hacks and self-compassion! This month we’re hosting a webinar with Amber Cowburn, the Head of Wellbeing at the British Council.


Mindelic events

Every month we host external expert speakers for all Mindletic App users.

How does mental health gym work?

organizational wellbeing partner providing support and guidance on employee wellbeing matters

Organizational consultations

Consult with our employee well-being experts for insights, guidance, and communication materials on mental health topics.

Each specialist is well-trained and has a solid foundation in Organizational Psychology.

Online therapy for your employees

Give access to certified and experienced mental health professionals.

Our professionals possess the necessary accreditations and have at least two years of professional counseling experience.

Mindletic App

Provide science-backed mental health tools that support your team’s emotional health.

Key features include an emotion reflection tool, guided meditation exercises, educational content, and access to online counseling with certified psychologists and coaches.

HR data-insights portal

Log into our web-based portal to check the aggregate well-being data of your people.

Propose and tailor further HR initiatives based on real-time data rather than on subjective opinions about your workplace.

Impact Tool

Measure the emotional impact of your events using psychological data.

This tool is designed to capture the emotions of your audience before and after an event or any other created experience.

Balance Teams

A fun and interactive way to bond with your colleagues and improve team cohesion. 

This web-based tool offers a selection of carefully curated questions, meant to prompt meaningful discussions.

Our mission is to promote healthy and inclusive workplaces where individuals can be their whole selves and produce their best work.

Good mental health is more than a just a perk, benefit or a nice-to-have. It’s an investment – the best one you can make into your people.

Trusted partners

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Lithuanian Psychological Association. Trusted partner of Mindletic
Vilnius University Foundation. Trusted partner of Mindletic
Civility Partners. Trusted partner of Mindletic

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